#52Ancestors – Favorite Photo and Most Dreaded Photo

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – 2018 Edition Challenge – Post 2

To blog more consistently in 2018, I am undertaking the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge again. The #52Ancestors Challenge is where a group of us blog about our ancestors, collateral relatives, discoveries, etc., for each week of the year.  To learn more about the challenge or if you are interesting in joining, visit Amy Johnson Crow’s site at Amy’s website.

Favorite Photo

Author as a young toddler

Oh my! Doesn’t this little tyke exude confidence.  I love her happy expression. She does not shy away from the camera.

As I grew older, I preferred to be behind the camera so I would not get my picture taken.  Why was she happy, who is taking the photo? One of my parents probably took the photo.

The photo is of me as a toddler taken at one of the many camping trips my family took in the 60’s.  Decades later, nature or nurture of those early camping trips, has played a role that my retirement plan includes getting an RV to travel the United States and Canada.



Most Dreaded Photo

The photos must go!

Why do I dread this photo? It’s a tote filled with the physical photos in my possession, thousands of photos. This 40 pound, 62-quart tote is an albatross around my neck. I have no desire to preserve them.  I do not have the interest, energy and the time to scan, label, and disseminate to whoever will take the photos. What! But, you are a genealogist, the family historian. Yes, and I have lost interest in being the Keeper of Photos. 

The photos have to go! There is no room in the future motor home. I will scan, label, and find a home for the old black and white photos with family members. Photos showing pastoral scenes go to the trash heap. Photos of my trips to Europe, Australia and New Zealand, trash. Google Earth ™ displays a much better image then the photo I originally took anyways. The rest of the photos will be categorized by family grouping. Then sent to some niece or nephew who may be so inclined to save for posterity.

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