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Healthcare Exchange & Genealogy Skills

There is so much information overload in reviewing the insurance plan options for Healthcare Exchange.  I have been using my data analysis skills to decipher the benefits on each option to see which would best benefit me.  It is such a puzzle with the way too many choices to chose from.

I have a background in employee benefits and medical claims processor and I find it quite tiring trying to figure what is and what is not part of the deductibles.  Some plans include the pharmacy with the medical deductible others do not.

I currently have COBRA paying $650 a month.  That amount raises to $690 in January 2014.  It’s expensive.  My current plan is a good deal at this early stage of researching. I only have this coverage until next October 2014.  I think trying to get a cheaper, comparable plan; would be similar to finding which of the the 1000’s Dolly Smiths is belongs on your family tree.

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