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Too many interests – Not enough time

There is no excuse in not keeping up this blog. I have one competing interest with genealogy that I allow to consume my free time. Dreaming about RV’s. Getting an RV.  Looking at RV’s for sale. Building my own RV. I spend more nights reading RV blogs and viewing YouTube videos. I still have a few years of working if I want a modest retirement. However, the lure of getting an RV and being a professional genealogist on the road is very tempting. When I am not obsessing over RV’s, I am expanding my genealogy skills.

Continuing Genealogy Education

This year (2017) I attended three genealogical institutes and one seminar. Future plans include a Certification Discussion group in the fall. My goal is to be a certified genealogist.

  • Writing and Publishing for Genealogists with Dr. Thomas W. Jones, CG – July 2017 (Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research – IGHR)
  • Practical Genetic Genealogy with Blaine Bettinger, CG – July 2017 (Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh)
  • Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society’s Spring Seminar featuring “The Legal Genealogist”, Judy G. Russell.
  • You be the Judge: A Practicum Using Standards to Evaluate Genealogical Work, Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG – January 2017 (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy – Salt Lake City)

In 2016, I completed the 19-month ProGen Study course. Plus attended “Confusion to Conclusion” with Harold Henderson and Kimberly Powell – July 2016, at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh.

While in Pittsburgh last year, I wanted to explore the neighborhood my great-grand parents lived. My next post will have my write-up and photos I took of my visit.





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