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Where you come from and who you are an important part of your identity.  Learning about your family history can offer insights from where your family originated, religious and ethnic customs, occupations, and economic status.  Maybe even help you lay blame to your Uncle George’s eccentricities.

My interest in genealogy began with stories from my grandmothers about their past.  Both had experienced heartbreak with the lost of a parent at a young age. In addition, relocation to a new state made it difficult to see family left behind.  My family also had the mysteries of a disappearing father, an uncle involved in criminal activities, a countess, a Salem witch or the Indian princess. Only some of those stories provided a dot to trace in my family history.

Genealogical Educational Experience

  • Writing and Publishing for Genealogists with Dr. Thomas W. Jones – July 2017 (Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research – IGHR)
  • Practical Genetic Genealogy with Blaine Bettinger – July 2017 (Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh)
  • You be the Judge: A Practicum Using Standards to Evaluate Genealogical Work, Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG – January 2017 (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy – Salt Lake City)
  • ProGen 25 Study Group – August 2016
  • Confusion to Conclusion with Harold Henderson and Kimberly Powell – July 2016 (Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh)
  • Fall 2015: “The Family History Detective: Finding Solutions To Your Toughest Research Problems”, Dr. Thomas W. Jones
  • Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society Northwest Genealogy Conference, August 13 – 15, 2015, Arlington, Washington.
    DNA with CeCe Moore, Angela Packer McGhie, and Judy G. Russell
  • Spring 2015: “Who’s Your Daddy? Researching Your Family History in the Mid-South States”,  C. Lynn Andersen
  • Genealogical Proof Standards Certificate – Dr. Thomas W. Jones –  July 2014 (Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh)
  • Advancing Your Polish Genealogy – Dr. Hal Learman and Ceil Wendt Jensen- August 2014 (Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh) at the Polonica Americana Research Institute (PARI) Orchard Lake Michigan

Genealogical Society Memberships

Association of Professional Genealogists
Puget Sound Chapter Association of Professional Genealogists
New England Historic Genealogical Society
National Genealogical Society
Sno-Isle Genealogical Society

Genealogy Experience

  • 30 years researching records in United States, Canada. Basic research with United Kingdom records.
  • Connecting the dots in my Polish ancestry using online resources, passenger ship manifests, gazetteers (maps) to locate the  ancestral villages
  • Areas of specialty include; Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, New England

I have continued to work on my family tree for over 30 years.  Assisted others in finding historical documents, searching newspaper stories to learn more about their family or find lost cousins.

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