#52Ancestors – No. 22 – Baltus Roll

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Murdered man lands becomes well-known Golf Course

If you are a golf aficionado the name Baltus Roll may sound familiar.   The Baltusrol Golf Course in Springfield, NJ; is named for the land once owned by Baltus Roll. Baltusrol Golf Course has held several US Open’s.  The US PGA Championship will take place there in 2016.

Baltus is my third cousin six times removed. Our common ancestor is Jan Mangelsen [Rol] who immigrated from Ultrect, Netherlands in the mid-1660’s.  Jan had three sons, Mangel Jansen Rol, Pieter Mangelse ROLL, and Johannes Roll.  I am descended from Mangel’s line and Baltus is descended from Pieter’s line.

Baltus, born May 1769, was tragically killed in February 1831.  He was a well-to-do apple farmer who supposedly kept money in his house.  One night, two men set about to rob Baltus of his money.  They attacked and killed Baltus, then ransacked his house.  No money was found by the two men.  One of the attackers took his own life, the other was acquitted of murder, but died in prison nevertheless for other criminal acts.

Baltus Roll Headstone

Baltus Roll Headstone

Photo by Wayne Drehs/ESPN.com at http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/pgachampionship05/news/story?id=2130461

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