#52Ancestors – No. 50 – Thomas Borowski

This post is number 50 in the series of the #52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge where a group of us blog about a different ancestor for each week of the year.  To learn more about the 52 Ancestor Challenge visit Amy Johnson’s site at Amy’s website.

I am eternally grateful to my cousin Tom Borowski though I barely know him.  He is my father’s first cousin.  I am sure we met once or twice when I was younger.  We talked twice a few years ago when I asked him what family stories he grew up with regarding the Budny side.

The son of Josephine Budny (1911-2006) and Harry Borowski (1903-1954).  I found out Tom had passed away last year (2013) when I wanted to ask more questions about the family.  He/She who hesitates, is lost.

Tom provided the clue about my Stanley’s death being in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Not the places my branch was told he died.  Armed with his death location, I was able to find his death certificate and newspaper stories regarding Stanley’s death.

Tom Borowski and Ken Budny Christmas circa 1950I have two photographs of Tom that were in my grandmother Edith Anderson Budny’s photo album.  With the help of my aunt and Dad I was able to identify the individuals in the photos.  Both are fitting for this time of year as they were taken at Christmas time.  The Christmas celebrations were at Grandma Edith’s house and taken a few years apart.

Borowski_Budny Christmas circa 1952

This next picture is circa 1952 based on the approximate age of the little girl my grandmother Edith is holding.  Tom Borowski parents are on the left.  My grandparents are in the middle and labelled.  Tom is at the far right.

In the photo I circled in red the “Pickle Ornament” that was hung every year.  Hanging the pickle ornament was supposed to be an old world German custom.  However, that is a myth.  It is an American custom, probably starting as an advertising gimmick.


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