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New Year – TYG’s New Goals and Do-Overs

2015 Resolutions

This is the year that I make one branch of my family tree public.  My tree is kept private on Ancestry for a number of reasons.  Mainly it needs a clean-up from a merge that didn’t go well a couple of years ago that created duplicate empty records.  I also need to update the source citations to meet Genealogy Proof Standards (GPS).

Public Family Tree

My goal by end March 31, 2015 (measurable goal); is to make the Borucki and Budny lines public here on TYG and Ancestry (specific goal).

Do help me with this goal, I am joining Geneabloggers Do-Over.  It is a personal educational learning initiative that a group of us are doing to improve our research skills.  Why, it is about taking a fresh look at your old research, breaking bad habits, creating and using effective planning tools.

Blogging Frequently

The 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge continues in 2015.  This challenge is about blogging or writing consistently.  Check out Amy Johnson Crow’s blog,  No Story Too Small.   There is a new format this year to keep the writers and readers interest.  I will continue to post 52Ancestors on Sunday’s.

Continuing Genealogical Education

The two to three year plan is to become a board certified genealogist.  In the meantime, I am working on short term goals. Here is the short list for this year.

Virtual Professional Management Conference 2015
Participate in Pro-Gen Study Group this Spring 2015
Regional Genealogical Society ConferencesOnline and virtual training

Paying it Forward

I have also been visiting my local genealogy and family history center offering advice on researching.  I find this part to be the most fun. Helping people get started on their journey of who they think they may be.

May your 2015 be a year of opportunity and prosperity.

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