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As a client, you can decide which records to pursue in your family history quest.  The initial consultation to discuss the scope of what you want to learn or discover about your family is at no charge.

Research costs will depend on the objective of what you want to learn about your family history.  Do you want to search one line, maternal or paternal or where your family came from in Europe?  Are you looking for forgotten family members who moved away or how your family migrated across the states?

Genealogical research cost is by the hour.  The hourly rate for service is $30.00 per hour. A minimum  of four (4) hours of research is required to contract my services.  These rates do not include expenses, such as copying records, parking fees, tolls, ordering records or microfilms, traveling costs, or other associate costs. Payments are currently processed through PayPal and Square.

I use various online databases, courthouses, libraries, State and Federal archives in my research.  Not all records are available online.  Some records may be need to be requested via mail to various archival repositories.  Please allow up to eight to ten weeks to complete.

Research takes time.  Information identified needs to be verified as accurate. Research can include birth, marriage and death records, census and city directory lists, immigration records, deed and tax listings, histories of early settlements and settlers, and other available records.

My work is carried out by using the accepted genealogy standards. Clients receive a narrative report, research activity log, source list, pedigree and/or family group sheet, and any applicable photocopies.

Trace Your Genealogy can research records available in the US and some international countries.   I have experience searching for US, Canadian, British and Polish records.

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